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services and products
what is Ledovec

Ledovec is a nonprofit nongovernment organization that offers psychosocial support to people with mental health problems or learning difficulties in Pilsen region.

Through the concept of mutual social rehabilitation Ledovec helps to better understanding in the world of diversity.


what is Ledovec
What we are
Ledovec was founded in 2001. At the beginning we thought it would be a small small centre where few people in special need can live together in sheltered conditions. Later we realized something different is more urgent for our region.

In these days Ledovec focuseson psychosocial support of people with mental health problems. In section services you find more.

What we do
Providing social services is main activity of Ledovec.

Since 2004 we are also active at the field of employment. From 2004 to 2007 we provided sheltered employment and untill now we offer occupational therapy in our therapeutic workshops. We also support few social firms that employ our clients.

In section products you can see what we produce in our therapeutic candleworkshop and therapeutic weavery.

When everyone is welcome
One of important principles of our work is mutual social rehabilitation. That is why we like the situations where nobody can recognize "who is who", where people mix together not looking to their handicap.

For that reason we organize a lot of craft and cultural events. Our traditional festivals you find in section public events.

Where you can find us
If you are interested in anything of what we do contact us.

To see photographs and videos from Ledovec and learn more about us search links.