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services and products
what is Ledovec

Ledovec is a nonprofit nongovernment organization that offers psychosocial support to people with mental health problems or learning difficulties in Pilsen region.

Through the concept of mutual social rehabilitation Ledovec helps to better understanding in the world of diversity.


Ledovec provides different psychosocial support to people with mental health problems and with learning difficulties.

We offer:

- counselling - for people with mental health problems and their families
- social rehabilitation with possibilities of individual counsellings, supporting group, educational courses, therapeutic work activity in candleworkshop and weavery, music therapy, art class etc.
- sheltered living - we have 16 places in four flats
- day centre - for clients with learning difficulties and autism
- supported education - special support for students with mental health problems during their studies (www.normalnestuduju.cz)
- external support of social firms that employ our clients (esp. www.pracovnisobota.cz)

We also do Circus Paciento in mental hospitals of Czech Republic (www.cirkuspaciento.cz).

We take part in activity of Association of community based services (www.askos.cz).