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services and products

Ledovec is a nonprofit nongovernment organization that offers psychosocial support to people with mental health problems or learning difficulties in Pilsen region.

Through the concept of mutual social rehabilitation Ledovec helps to better understanding in the world of diversity.


Ledovec runs two therapeutic workshops that provides top quality handmade products:


We offer candles of many sizes, shapes a decors. You can visit us in our workshop in Counselling Centre or we can let you know where else you can buy our candles.

Woven cloths and felted jewelery

In therapeutic weavery we have managed all steps of wool proceeding "from the sheep untill the rug". We offer hand woven materials and different products made of them like bags, jumpers, rugs, curtains etc. We also produce wide sortiment of hand felted jewelery - necklars, ear rings, brooches, ...
Weavery you find in our Therapeutc Centre, our products in about ten shops all over Czech. If you are interested in any of our products, contact Sluneční obchod.

Refurbished furniture

We have started and we are still in close cooperation with Horusarium that produces unique refurbished furniture.